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Trocal - meet the company that introduced the uPVC Window Systems

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The production of windows has changed throughout the years. Greenline is an innovative technology created for window profiles.
The harmful lead material has been substituted with environmentally friendly calcium and zinc minerals.

Energy Efficiency

There are two key pointers you are probably looking to save when looking at potential products - Energy and Money.

With our top quality, specific, detailed construction and our market challenging prices - you will be able to get a product that is really worth the investment.

Sound Insulation

Your home should be a place where you can escape all the noise of reality.
There are a few things that can be responsible for sound penetration.
Most Common - Bad instalment of frames.

KBE Profiles

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TROCAL Profiles

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Door Profiles

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We have seen uPVC windows take over as a new standard for modern construction. The technology never stops developing, generation after generation. Constant corrections and remodelling have brought us the very best window profiles to date - Kommerling, Trocal and KBE. 

Environmentally friendly, flexible in design, high sound and thermal insulation, modern technologies, reliable intrusion protection and many more features are a part of a package you get when picking Delta as your service provider.

Kommerling Windows

Our top selling variant that has no imperfections.

-70mm Classic AD - this type of windows comes in a 70mm frame thickness, double or triple glazing, 5 chamber technology with 2 factory original seals. 

-76mm Central Seal System - perfect for the Irish climate, a balanced 76mm frame, double or triple glazing, 6 chamber technology with triple seal system with U-value = 1.1 W/(m²K).

-88mm PLUS - this is a lux line packed with highest possible specs, 88mm frame, 6 chambers with additional 7th chamber available, 3 factory original seals with the window packet of 48mm thickness. U-value = 1.0W/(m²K).

Trocal Windows

A company that introduced the uPVC window technology to the world.

-76mm AD - balance of quality and price, 76mm frame thickness, 2 or 3 seals options available, burglary prevention features, 5 chamber technology and U-value of 1.1W/(m²K).

-88mm PLUS - highest level if quality, 88mm frame thickness, triple seal system, 6 or 7 profile chambers with U-value between 1.0 - 0.78W/(m²K).

KBE Windows

One of KBE's strongest points is the recycled plastic materials used to produce the windows.

-70mm Classic - 70mm frame thickness comes with double glazing and 2 seal system, 5 chambers, sound insulation of 45dB, and U-value of 1.3W/(m²K).

-System_88mm - best KBE variant, with triple glazing, 3 factory original seals, 6 chamber technology with U-value ranging from 1.1 to 0.8W/(m²K).


Have already decided what windows you're going with? Why not choose our blinds to go with your design choice.

  • We offer more than 100+ designs
  • "Day & Night" blinds range
  • Different fitting options
  • Outside Security Shutters (for businesses / industrial)

You can find our catalogue in our showroom. A lot of examples can also be found on our Facebook Page.


Our front doors come in a broad choice of colours and designs. If security is the main priority of our client - we have aluminium options for the security door range.

Classic or Modern categories offer a wide selection range for you to choose from. Match your neighborhood style or go for something of your own - either way we won't leave you short for choice. 

Front Doors Images

uPVC Panels

Standard Fitting - installed by the traditional way. Doors open in one direction only, using the handles that are picked out by you. Colours can be choosen in our office or on a measuring day when our team is carrying out the survey.
All our doors are manufactured with the colour of your choice in the factory. This adds alot to the wear and scratch properties of the door as no extra paint coats are necessary. 

Security Doors

This type of door system is to add extra security to your home's entrance. These heavyweights come in 67mm in thickness, having optional 3 latches. The frame of this door ranges from 67mm.


We offer inside doors in different ranges of styles, colours and fitting options.
For different styles please check out our full catalogue on our facebook page or visit our office & showroom to get a first person look at the quality that we offer.

  • Standard Fitting
  • Sliding Fitting
Interior Doors Images

Interior Doors

Standard Fitting - installed by the traditional way. Doors open in one direction only, using the handles that are picked out by you. Colours can be choosen in our office or on a measuring day when our team is carrying out the survey.
All our doors are manufactured with the colour of your choice in the factory. This adds alot to the wear and scratch properties of the door as no extra paint coats are necessary. 

Sliding Interior Doors

This type of system is getting quite popular all around Ireland recently. Sliding elegantly, the door makes it easy to save up a bit of space around your home. Common installations include: kitchen/dinning room, sitting room/kitchen, hall and bedrooms.
All the doors found in our catalogue can be fitted with this sliding method.


Our team of advisers will assist you to choose the right gate and help you avoid unnecessary costs.

  1. What should you pay attention to when choosing the gate?
  2. How to choose the most suitable garage door for you?
  3. To what technical, safety, comfort or even style requirements to pay attention to when choosing a garage door?

All garage doors can be perfectly matched to the design, style or colour of your home.

Garrage Doors

Raised garage doors - are divided into planar and segmental panels.

A planar garage door - is the best solution if your garage does not have
a heating system; for example, it is built next to a residential house, equipped underground parking etc.

Flat Doors - This is a one-way solid steel gate for unheated garages that do not require ideal insulation. Gate walks the whole plane, opens outward and moves under the garage roof.
We recommend installing a segmental garage door if your garage is heated
or equipped in the same building as the living quarters.

A segmental garage door is also the right solution if you need to open the gate after accessing the garage - the segmental garage door opens vertically.
Segmental doors are single or double. It is a solid steel gate adapted different heat insulation requirements.

Rolling garage doors are made out of aluminium profile with polyurethane filler. They are for garages, which are not subject to high thermal insulation requirements. These are controlled by an electric drive. The profile of the gates is vertically extended and dumped on the shaft at the height of the lintel.

A twisting gate is a right solution if you want to get more use of the garage space, up to the ceiling or you want the garage door to be mounted on the outside.


When choosing the right sliding system door you should become a little familiar with the two systems that we offer at Delta.


HS Sliding System


PSK Sliding System

This type of sliding door has a mechanism that allows the door to be mounted onto the frame. By standards the frame has to be at least 30mm in height above the floor to allow the door to lift and slide.
When being closed or opened, your sliding door acts like a piece of puzzle that fits right into its natural place. However you can only open/close from the inside of the house. (there is no handle on the outside) 
This type of door is less efficient in heat saving than the HS Sliding System but it does add a modern, slick design.

HS Sliding System

Our second variant would be the HS or Tilt and Slide Door. The simplicity of this mechanism allows straight forward use and offers less heat escape.

The frame is very similar to the PSK system but there is one major difference.
The HS frame can be mounted flush with the floor - leaving no reason for you to trip over! 
It can also be closed from both sides of the house.

Here at Delta, we reccommend to implement this type of sliding door for your home at all times.

We regularly update and upload new photos of our work all over Ireland.

Please visit our Facebook page for lots of content with windows, doors, conservatories and more.

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