All our profiles are of Premium Quality, any choice is the right investment

Our main focus is to help you make an intelligent investment for your home. Bringing you a variety of modern and cultural designs with colours, safety add-ons, glazing types to suit different rooms, facilities and any other personal wishes. 


Window & Door Profiles

Each PVC window and door profile from our company
is individually created with high-tech mechanisms,
passing all laboratory tests - bringing you
the best quality and precision.


Classic uPVC profiles are offered with RAL pallets & individual DecoStyle colours of your choice.


70mm System - our standard profile systems come with double glazed window packets, delivering a total U-value of 1.2 W/(m2K). Classical white PVC also come with DecoStyle colour range.

76mm AD - balanced option, 76mm frame thickness, 2 or 3 seals available for option, burglary prevention features, 6 chamber technology,U - value of 1.1W/(m²K).

88mm PLUS - the thickness of these frames is 88mm, triple seal system,
7 chamber system available, offering an insulation value between
1.0 - 0.78W/(m²K). Our best possible variant.


70mm Classic AD - this type of window comes in a 70mm frame thickness, double or triple glazing 5 chamber technology with 2 factory original seals.

76mm Central Seal System - perfect for the Irish climate, a balanced 76mm frame, double or triple glazing, 6 chamber technology with a triple seal system. U - value = 1.1W/(m²K)


88mm PLUS - this is a lux line including 88mm frame, 7 chambers, 3 original seals with a window packet of 48mm. U - value = 1.0W/(m²K)

All profiles are of premium quality, any choice is a smart investment

number_1Steel Reinforcement

Coated with titanium, the foundation of the window is rust-free and will serve you up to 30 years.
The stability of the window is ensured as both the frame and window profile includes this reinforcement.
Any deformation is impossible.


number_2Chamber Systems

The threshold system inside of all our window profiles
includes multi-sealing levels of U-PVC barriers.
This design enhances sound and wind penetration
properties to prevent any condensation.


All window packets are made separately from the profiles, filled with argon-gas for an additional 0,3 W/m²K - to improve the window & it's insulating properties. Double and triple glazing available with a silver coating called thermofloat. This layer is applied inside the window packet to prevent the escape of heat from the inside of your home.

number_4Rubber Seal

Original, lead - free seals are cut and welded in Pirmasens, Germany. You will find no disconnection as the thermoplastic is sealed around the whole perimeter. This rubber seal is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.



With our intelligent and distinctive range, Delta provides
wood grain and modern colour laminated profiles.
Allergic and toxic materials have been substituted with
zinc and calcium; ecologically friendly elements to comply with
all the EU Green Book standards.


Different Types Of Glazing Designs & Shading Available


Inside Doors


Our team specializes in manufacturing
any custom model door, to fit any
standard & non-standard threshold.

You may visit our showroom where
you will find plenty of style options
to choose from. Samples and catalog
libraries are also available for free.


Sliding Doors

If you are looking to clear up some
space in your room or hall, these
floating sliding doors would be an
ideal option for you.

These doors have a roller system
built-in on top, which allows
minimum moving effort.
Locks and custom handles are
available in store.


Further Information

Delta also offers you industrial and other
additional installments including garage doors,
security shutters, home plus kitchen furniture.

We will answer any questions you might
have and guide you through the options available,
to help you make the right investment.


Affordable Reliable
High Quality


This website is brought to you from the industry`s
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a brighter future and fulfilling your visions.

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